About Us

About Us

Hoverboard UK is one of the authentic and reliable selling websites of hoverboards, self-balancing scooters, skateboards, Segways, Mini Segways and its related accessories. The company has been for a long time in the business of delivering quality and original products to our customers. The hoverboard UK has many types of hoverboards like Graffiti Hoverboards, Lamborghini Hoverboards, Colored hoverboards and many more.

We also have many types of Segways that have innovative technology and other features that make our product to stand out from the crowd. We have many kinds of hoverboard like graffiti hoverboards, colored hoverboards, and cheap hoverboard for every type of customer.

The hoverboards come in the sizes of 6.5,8 and 10 inches with many features and specifications tailored to the customer’s liking. We, at Hoverboard UK, take utmost care that our Hoverboards conform to the country’s safety standards and provide a superb user experience.

We offer customized services for every type of hoverboard, Segway, and skateboards as per the customer’s choice. We have an amazing 24/7 customer support that resolves our customer queries and issues in an expedited manner. Our products also come with a 12-month replacement/repair warranty so, don’t worry if there are any manufacturing faults, you’re covered :). Our 24/7 customer care and support will ensure that you receive excellent customer care and quick resolving of your issues.

Our products also conform to the country’s safety standards and have the necessary certifications for our products, so our customers can be assured of their safety and have an enjoyable ride with their hoverboards.

We ensure delivery of the products with 3-5 business days, and the process of shipment starts as soon as the customer places the order on our website. We use secure payment channels to make sure we securely receive our customer’s money. Our customers can buy our product with confidence and enjoy them immensely.  Hoverboard UK is just the place to get your hoverboards.